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We are the leading and the only company gives you offers, from more than one supplier in Turkey,

For steel rack, shelving system, shelves, heavy duty racking, storage solutions.

And also we give a free of charge consultant services for your project like drawing of your warehouse, locker.

We are fully committed to offering you immediate access to the best results on the market, while also offering storage options, from Turkey that are accessible, dependable and a pleasure to use all the time. 


souresa provide the best quality and prices from more than one supplier for supermarket shelves in Turkey

with our solutions, we will make sure to maximize the capacity of your store.
also can provide checkout counters besides front desk tables.
flexible solutions and colors.
also steel rack, storage shelves, Locker, and also its accessories


We are a manufacture of locker, archive cabinets, steel locker, and our materials can be welded or demonted as your request.

we produce our lockers using our standard sizes and also based on your project sizes.

so it will be easy to win a tender and provide the same exact requested specifications. 

we are using for our production powder coated paint, and our standard for the lockers we are using 0,7 mm metal thickness without paint so the cabinet after the paint will reach more than 0,7 mm

different thickness of the metal for the locker can be used to make your reqeust done exactly how it should

Range of our products


racking system, storage shelves, warehouse racking, steel sheves, heavy duty, selective racks, shelf

Heavy Duty Steel Shelves with capacity up to 4000 Kgs per level, based on the length of the beams

The steel rack has more than one option as selctive, drive in system, platform system, back to back, also more options based on your warehouse.

we provide you more than one offer from different suppliers, to maximize the capacity of your warehouse.


metal cabinets, cabinets, locker, lockers, cabinet, drawers, metal drawers, file cabinets

Our production make sure to take care of the finishing of the work.

that is why we are listed in the top list of the suppliers of the locker, and steel rack

We have a rang of cabinets and specification.

so you will find with us exact item you are looking for.

Archive Cabinets

Flywheel Archive cabinets, archive cabintes

As a solution for your archiving problems, Archive cabinet flywheel system and lockers was designed in a practical way while taking up very little space.

It is made of high quality DKP steel with a thickness of 1 mm.
and it has a adjustable shelves.

It is painted with high quality electrostatic powder coated paint.

We will offer to you the demonted one unless, you requested the welded.

in Turkey we are the leaders of this system.


Supermarket shelves, supermarket Accessories, shopping baskets, supermarket trolly, shopping trolly

We provide the best quality and prices from more than one supplier in Turkey.

with our solutions, we will make sure to maximize the capacity of your store.  also we provide front desk tables.

we have flexible solutions and colors for the supermarket shelves, steel rack, and also its accessories.

Standard hight of the wall units is 225 cm

with the depth from 30 to 70 cm.


checkout counter, supermarket checkout conunters, casher counter

More than one option
colored and sizes are avalible.

we will provide you more than one offer for these items, till we reach your target prices and quality for supermarket shelves, and its accessories.


bunk beds, single bunk bed, double bunk beds, bunk bed, metal bunk beds, metal single bunk bed

Color and size based on project.

standart color 7035 grey.

it can be with wood sheet or without.

thickness of the steel will be based on the project.
also you can check out our steel rack, storage shelves, and locker.

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